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Five New Children: Slyvia, Ivan, Ali, Joan and Jimmy

Another amazing day! We hiked through banana fields in some serious heat and all sorts of mud since it poured down rain yesterday. We picked up a total of 5 new children. They were definitely the most excited bunch we’ve had yet. They had never been in a car before and their eyes lit up at every detail and laughed the whole way home. Here are some things they commented on during the drive:

  • They were so amused by the speed dials and odometers. They would giggle and squeal just watching them go up and down. They thought Sempa was making it happen by just squeezing the steering wheel.

  • When we got to the nice, paved black road, they squealed at the sight of the road being turned a color! They have only seen browinish red dirt roads and never a paved black road.

  • They thought the car just stays in one spot and its the road that is moving and the trees move too. I think they thought the road moved like a treadmill under the car and the car never moves.

  • The reflection of the sun on the road made it look like water from a distance. They commented on how there is water ahead but then it just disappears? So cute.

  • When we passed a cell phone tower with round metal pieces at the top they pointed and said look at those saucepans so high up there!

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