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Our Mission

We are dedicated to sharing the good news of the gospel. With a focus on Masaka, Uganda, we are dedicated to the spiritual, physical, and economic support of orphans and the children of widows.​

Our passion is for Christ to transform lives through the resources and gifts we all have been given by God. Our desire is to foster a loving and nurturing environment for orphans, provide adequate water sources, give medical care, and support local sustainability.

"Go into all the world and tell the good news." ~Mark 16:15


Ways to Get Involved


Become a Sponsor

For Orphans and Children of Widows

We have two different types of sponsorship - Orphans and Children of Widows. Your sponsorship provides food, clean water, meals, medical care, education, and the opportunity for these children to hear about Jesus and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.



Various Ways to Give

Give a gift that changes lives. Your gift will bring urgent help and lasting hope for a child in need. Give the gift of hope today. There are several areas for donations, including sponsorships, one-time gifts, and donations that can be made on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or a yearly basis.


Missions Trip

Join Our Missions Team

Each summer, we lead a team to Uganda to stay onsite of our Timothy Home orphanage and Kids Care Primary School. You will be submerged into this beautiful culture and surrounded by the joy and laughter of these children! Join us for this life-changing experience where you will have the opportunity to care for widows and orphans, bring healing through medical clinics, and share the love of Jesus in a way you have never experienced before. 

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