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Help Us Build the Masaka Business Institute!

Brick by Brick

Be a part of building this critical vo-tech school! You can purchase bricks, cement, nails, and more! 


Masaka Business Institute

“Integrated for meaningful education”

KIDS CARE UGANDA is seeking to construct a purpose-built school to provide practical vocational education for students from within Kirinda Village and surrounding areas in southwestern Uganda. In addition to vocational skills, the institute  shall also provide community-based projects/training development programs, outside of school hours, all of which can be attended by parents and older family members to enrich their education and skills in various areas, thus bringing some cohesiveness into the community.

The institution will align with Kids Care Centre’s mission, which is: 
“To produce adults who are practically oriented, morally upright, self-reliant, and able to survive in this globalized world.”


We strongly believe that conventional academic education can be integrated with vocational skills training, a component that is largely missing in many schools around the country and especially in the Masaka District.

The Masaka Business Institute will:

  • Enable students to reach their full potential by providing them with practical integrated education and an opportunity to develop and promote their other non-academic potential skills. These degrees will include:

    • Cosmetology

    • Fashion and Design

    • Business Management

    • Hotel Management

    • Accountancy

    • Secretarial Studies

    • Procurement and Management

    • Marketing

    • Purchase and Supply Management

    • Journalism

    • Hair Dressing

    • Tailoring

    • Catering

    • Early Childhood Development

    • Sweater Knitting

    • Motor Vehicle Technology

    • Metal Fabrication

    • Cookery and Bakery

    • Bridal Dressing and Decoration 


  • Keep families together in a community-based context, as the school is targeting students working together with their parents and elders in the community to find solutions for locally faced challenges. This will have a positive impact on the wider district and help create a supportive community environment.

  • Provide local employment and a market for various products /produce in the surrounding communities.

  • Assist in the reduction of illiteracy, violence, and crime by keeping the youth occupied. Community-based projects, established to engage community members outside of school hours, will continue to improve the livelihoods of households in the surrounding area.

At full operation, the Masaka Business Institute will provide education to 550 students and employ approximately 35 trained/qualified teachers and 6 administrative staff. Kids Care has already purchased a piece of land where this project will be constructed.

The Institute will be constructed in phases, which will include:

  • Phase 1: Ground Floor Plan/Excavation = $3,620.68 -- COMPLETED!

  • Phase 2: Completion of First Floor (Will allow us to open the doors and begin classes!) = $50,245.00

  • Phase 3: Completion of Second Floor: $32,354.90

  • Phase 4: Completion of Third Floor:  $49,215.59


Help Us Complete Phase 2 and make a donation today!

Updates on Construction for Masaka Business Institute

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our team has been hard at work in brick-making! They have made 85,000 out of the 120,000 bricks needed for constructing the Masaka Business Institute! 

The construction of Masaka Business Institute is progressing very well. The Woman Member of Parliament Masaka District- Hon Babirye Kabanda visited the construction site and pledged to always support our efforts to reach out to the most disadvantaged people in communities. We are excited to have completed Phase 1 and look forward to finishing the second phase and opening the doors for students next Fall!

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