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Hens, Nails and Twins

Holy fabulous day in the field! We went hen shopping and delivered many hens to 6 families of children who attend our school and will participate in our hen child entrepreneurship program. Growing up I never thought I’d ever be a hen delivery woman setting up chicken businesses. Ballerina maybe or zookeeper… Love the randomness of God when you say here I am send me!

Then we went to pick up the twins, Moses and Benah. They are the last children we are taking into the orphanage until next year. They must be extra special because we had a nail pop our right front tire this morning then another nail in our left front tire this afternoon. One nail for each twin! Always double the trouble but we love them so much already.

The boy had been telling the village all week that his new father was coming for him (Sempa Peter who runs our orphanage with his wife Ruth). He waited up all night in anticipation. Now he is finally home and loving the soccer room! He will learn here just how much his Heavenly Father loves him.

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