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"I Can Do All Things In Christ Who Strengthens Me." Philippians 4:13

The last month has been very difficult for me because my mother passed away on February 1, 2014. Both my parents are deceased and I can understand in some small measure what it means to have no parents. The children supported by Go and Tell, Inc. who have no parents face many obstacles, but with God’s help they will have the benefits bestowed on them as children of God. He is their father and He will provide for and watch over them.

What I learned during this last month is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

God is with us! It is truly amazing to see God at work in so many lives at home and abroad. He watches over us and cares deeply for our needs. All of us at Go and Tell, Inc. are incredibly honored to serve the Lord through this ministry and we thank you all so much for your support! Please continue to pray for us as we seek new avenues in which to serve Him in the future.

In Christ’s abiding love,


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