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In His Shoes

Wow, what a day. It is crazy the emotional extremes I have been going through on this trip. Like today, I found myself with tears as we went to pick up a new child only to find that he had already died from HIV/AIDs. This pierced my heart, the feeling of getting there too late but I know he is with his Heavenly Father. Then later in the day I almost threw up when we picked up a new orphan, Mukasa Henry, who had some of the worst jiggers I’ve seen. They were infested in both his fingers and feet. My stomach churned examining them. He didn’t have shoes so we took him to get a pair of nice school shoes, sandals and socks. He put on the shiny black school shoes and waddled like a penguin when he walked because he’s never walked in shoes before! He was walking like he had tennis rackets on his feet, we couldn’t stop laughing at how cute he was. I was overwhelmed with joy watching him enjoy a Coke and get to see his new home. When he washed his hands at the orphanage he was perplexed about the running water facet, why would we waste water and let it go down a drain? He’s never seen running water before or a sink. My heart is full knowing that this boy will have so much more than just shoes and water…. Can’t wait for him to be showered with love!

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