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Love Changes Everything

We have over 300 children at our school now. At least half of them would not be in school at all if it were not for this ministry. It seems that all 300 children love to chase the Muzungu around the playground during recess. I am getting a lot of exercise that is for sure. Today, I spent time in each class and I feel like I could sleep for years! Seriously teachers, where do you get your energy from? The Baby Class teacher insisted that I teach a drawing lesson to the kids. My drawing skills consist of stick figures! I managed to teach them how to draw a caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly. I also taught the upper classes about America. “Why are the Muzungu’s skirts always so clean?” one student asked. Another asked, “Is there sun in America?” They think that we are white because there is no sun. I must admit, despite their lack of state of the art materials, these children are great students and the teachers are doing an amazing job. The new children we brought into the orphanage this past October had to be put in lower classes at first because they knew little English. However, the team really invested extra time tutoring them over the holidays. Now, they have not only caught up and are in the grade they should be in but more than half of the new kids are in the top 5 students in their class. It goes to show that a little love goes a long way in a child’s life. Love changes everything.

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