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Our Growing Family

We had a crazy thunderstorm this morning, I am embarassed to admit that I was actually pretty scared by this one. After the storm passed, we then headed out to Rakai District for a very very long day. We hiked pretty deep into the villages encountering everything from snakes to children chasing us to see a Muzungu to a little boy with inverted feet. We have 7 new additions to the home from today: 4 girls and 3 boys. Some of the new children were in a pretty broken and traumatized state. It broke our hearts to find such hurting children but we are happy that they will be at Timothy Home where they will find love and be able to heal. The car ride was long and some of the children thought they were in an airplane when we were driving fast on the main road. One little boy didn’t take his first car ride too well and threw up on the way. When we reached the home, the current Timothy kids immediately welcomed the children. It is amazing to see children that were once broken become transformed and healed, and then show the same love to the new children that they themselves received. It is 4:00am here now, a church across the way is having a very passionate overnight prayer with loud music, the level of devotion always amazes me. If they can pray all night I thought I could stay up and post an update for you all. I posted a bunch of pictures from today in the album. Enjoy the new pictures and thanks for following my adventures! Miss you America and can’t wait to see you soon!

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