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When Love Showers Down

It was a wonderful Sunday. Woke up to more rain so I got to try out my new Ugandan rain boots and walk to church in the mud. At church, lots of water was pouring down from the makeshift ceiling into an area the church had blocked off with bricks to contain the flooding. They were probably annoyed with the unintentional heavy waterfall but people pay thousands of dollars to have such natural waterfalls in their homes and buildings. It was a beautiful sound, listening to the waterfall and being able to be in church with muddy rainboots. The floors are dirt anyway and who needs shiny shoes in order to worship. We then headed to Timothy Home for KidsChurch. All the new children were dressed in their Sunday best with huge smiles on their face. I can’t believe how quickly they have already transformed. The children jumped for joy during worship and shared testimonies. As I have mentioned before, safety and protection are always the number one thing they thank God for on Sundays. It goes to show how much violence and fear they lived in before coming to the protection of our home. To them, having a safe place and being alive means the world to them. It also touched me that a few of the current children got up and shared how thankful they were for the new children that have come to the home. It has made them happy to have an expanding family. At the end of service, we anointed the new children with oil from Jerusalem. Then, the locals brought a girl to us who was very ill. It always amazes me how the first reaction of Ugandans is to lay hands on and pray for the sick. In America, our first reaction is to reach into our medicine closet or take them to the doctor. Their faith is the first thing they go to. It is also amazing how our home and school has become a refuge and place of hope for the village. If anything is going on in the village, we know about it and people are always coming by to ask for prayer and find hope and encouragement. Let hope continue to rise in this place.

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